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Breathing Space is about finding balance and well-being. It is about
a special place and life.

Finding Your Happy Place

A “Happy Place” can be near or far, real or imagined, a place on the map or a state of mind but we believe that everyone needs to find that “Happy Place” to gain balance and lead a healthy life. Opening our eyes to the beauty of the world that surrounds us does this. Places of exceptional and unique beauty have the ability to do this to those of us that have become too steadfastly focused on getting what we “think” we need and have forgotten how to open our eyes and appreciate the world and what we already have.

This space is dedicated to a celebration of finding that “Happy Place”. Ours (Glen Arbor) is a physical place but like any good “Happy Place”, it is also always in our minds and now on these pages and thus can be accessed from literally anywhere.


travel, yoga, tennis, hiking, reading, hanging-out with family and friends, enjoying life and much more